outbox_1When You have been registrated for an eGuestBox acount,  you will within 5 minutes receive a receipt including your new account and password for your eGuestbox admin page. This page will be the place where all the videos will join from all of your friends or costumers.



three_iconsAs the requester of this period of eGuestBox you will be administrator of this admin-page, it’s where you need a password to enter this page. It’s your page so to say.This gives you possibility to merge all the videoclips and download all the videos to your local PC.



outbox_2On Your Page,  You can inform your friends where or costumers to download the app on AppStore, (usable only on IOS at the moment),  and that they need to use your account number to ‘log in’ to the eGuestBox app.

Then they will be able to upload their videos to your personal video gallery page on eGuestbox platform.

Term of Delivery
The time of delivery will be within 5 minutes aften you have sent the registration. This will be given via mail to your mailbox. The content of the mail will be information of the account number + password for your admin page on the eGuestBox platform. This admin portal is the focal point for all uploaded videos from your friends or costumers.

If the expectations to our products are not fullfilled, you are welcome to send us a mail about the issue. We in eGuestbox will answer to it within 14 days.

Behavior of personal data
At eGuestbox.com we will keep names and addresses in our database and no other places. No one else than eGuestbox employees will have access to this information.



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