logo_1The concept of eGuestbox is designed and owned by Hemming Design in Denmark.
We develop products basically for entertainment purposes, we like to have fun – and make fun products:-)

eGuestbox purpose is really to create a true memories from big events in peoples life.
eGuestbox can also collect a lot of videos for you and your freinds – a kind of private video tube, where a lot of fun videos can be collected and shown to you and your friends, or Your

guest_arrowCompanies can also give their costumers a great opportunity to create contructive feed backs to the company. An example could be the holiday/vacation charter business where eGuestbox could give the costumer a great chance to telle about their fantastic vacation etc. These videos-clips can give the company a good inside information of their products. All in all to improve the service for the costumer.



<– You can download the app (via AppStore) for a small amount 
incl an host account and backend Gallery at your service – to see all your guests videos from the party!!



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<– You can download the app (via AppStore) for FREE if you are a guest for en event or party!!
You can invite Your guests via a SMS function internally in the App.



Hope You will enjoy eGuestbox app for smartphones (only IOS phones at the moment).


Hans Hemming Larsen
Company owner of
Hemming Design
Ledoeje Bygade 27,
DK-2765 Smoerum
Tel: +45 7021 6080
Mail: info@eguestbox.com
Company CVR no: 26 03 00 56